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August slipped away into a moment in time

to my son - I dreamt for you this life, for flowers that bloom brighter, and sunsets, everlasting. Through the winds and waves of the air, I dreamt dreams that you may receive divine messages from above. That they may travel to you through the sky, promises for your future, both infinite and abounding. Whispers, filled with all of your tomorrows, and of all the ways I wish for you to grow. May you rise and burn like wildfire, resplendent and unforgiving. In this season, and all the seasons of your life, may you wish upon the same stars I wished for you, in shades of gold, and bathed in sunlight. No matter the chaos of the spinning world around us, may you choose to lead with your heart before your head. To bathe in the vulnerability of a life filled with open minds and wild opportunity. To lean in, let go and soar. To love in full bloom. And in the depths of the ocean swell, of heavy eyes and worn hearts, you are rain, pouring into my world, helping me grow. In the moments where dark meets dawn as she rises, both beautiful and fragile, you are a gift to my soul from the stars. And I see them in your eyes. As sure as the sun will set and the seasons change, there is you, and I, and a searing ache, willing me to reborn. As my world unravels, making way for new light, I sit, ever-enduring, and I surrender to watch the stars as they dance through the sky, singing down sweet melodies of who you are. In the cove of my arm, I fall deeper into your world. I am home. Sunday Lane - Soar


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